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Luigi Lucioni (1900-1988) painted all of the canonical subjects (groups of people, figures, portraits, landscapes, and still lifes) but he was best at still life. The still lifes on this page are in chronological order, so you can see how his style evolved over time. Click any to see details.

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Through a Window
Still Life
Day Lily
Still Life with Vase of Carnations
Dahlias and Apples
The Shell
Still Life by the Window Sill
Still Life with Cactus
Indian Textures
White and Gold
Still Life - Squash
The Tang Figure
Still Life with White Hand
Bread and Apples
Still Life with Fruit and Flowers
Still Live on a Chinese Theme
Design for Color
Shell Pattern
Design for Rhythm
Autumn Echoes
Nostalgic Echoes
Variations in Black and White
Arrangement in Space
A Remembrance
Spanish Bottle
Goblet with Pear and Pomegranate
Rhythm of Line
Browns & Greens
Pewter and Peach
Variations with White
Bottle with Figure
Still Life with Bowl of Fruit
Still Life with Pot and Leaf
Syrian Jug
The Sabbath Cloth
Classic Greys
Adagio in Brown
Green Gamut
Design in Blue
Two Roses
Harmony in Minor Key
Intermezzo in Mauve
Still Life with Ivy
Interlude in Green
Arrangement in Gray and Green
Variations in Yellow and Gray
Long Island Landscape
Steeple in the Mountains
View of Manchester
Red Barn
Vermont Autumn
Vermont Barn in Winter
Trees and Shadows
Tree Patterns
Lucioni's Sister Aurora
Portrait of a Young Man
Study in Plaid
Resting Athlete
Milli Monti
Young Man
Luigi Lucioni, 1958
Black and White Images