Sloo's Biscuits and Gravy

Recipe from David Sloo. Total prep and cooking time is 25 minutes.

Make the biscuits first, then prepare the gravy while the biscuits are in the oven.


(1) Sift 2 cups flour, about 1/2 ts salt, and 2 ts double acting baking powder.

(2) Cut in 4TB butter (between pea sized and cornmeal texture). For faster prep, use a food processor (blade attachment) to cut in the butter if you don't like doing it by hand.

(3) Add a cup of milk (or more if necessary) and blend rapidly with a spatula, a big spoon, or your hand to make a soft dough. You can use cream for very rich biscuits, water for flaky, cracker-like biscuits, or a mix of milk and water. Soy milk makes odd, bitter, unpopular biscuits.

(4) Pat the dough to a rectangle about as thick as your thumb, then cut into rectangles (or whatever shape you like) with a sharp knife. Bake on an ungreased baking sheet at 375 F until golden brown, about 10-15 minutes depending on the shape and spacing of the biscuits

Meanwhile, the gravy:

(5) Slice thickly 5-10 shiitake mushrooms.

(6) Saute mushrooms in a little butter in a small pan.

(7) Remove mushrooms from pan and put aside. In the same pan, make a roue with 2 TB butter and 2 TB white flour.

(8) Add 1 1/2 to 2 cups of hot broth (chicken or vegetable) and put the mushrooms